CSR & Environment

We are committed to securing a sustainable future for our environment and community. Our engagement goes beyond our ISO14001 accreditation; we put things into practice to make a real difference.

Whether it’s managing our use of natural resources, using technology to work more efficiently and reduce our use of paper, optimising our delivery routes to cut company mileage, or reducing and reusing packaging materials, we aim to minimise the company’s carbon footprint.

We employ local people, use local businesses and take an active part in our community. We take great pride in where we come from and never forget our roots.

Whilst we all want value from our office supplies, we also realise the need to make more sustainable choices. We offer a broad range of either environmentally friendly,durable, locally produced or ethical products.

We go further in our efforts to promote low carbon business solutions by encouraging clients to review their ordering patterns, reducing and consolidating deliveries. We also offer a host of services such as paper shredding, electrical waste collection and recycling, printer cartridge collections and collection of unwanted furniture to help our clients meet their environmental goals.