Quick Facts


That’s when Jack Reid and Jim Egan started Egan Reid Stationery Co Ltd, a letterpress printers and diestampers and office supplies business based in Manchester.

The date of Egan Reid’s move to our current premises on one of the largest business parks in Stockport after expansion in the 1970s and 1980s. In 2013, we acquired a neighbouring unit to house our furniture stock.

That’s the number of generations from the Reid family who have now worked in the business. Martin Reid entered the business in 1978 followed by brother Andrew two years later. Martin’s son Charlie joined the company in 2012 after graduating from university.

The average number of reams of Egan Reid branded A4 paper sold annually. If you stacked them all, that would be over 11 miles – or twice the height of Mount Everest!
* based on 2012-2014 figures.

2 million
That’s the estimated number of average sized cups of coffee that you could make with all the instant coffee Egan Reid sells in a year …
* based on 2013-2014 figures.