DSE & Workstation Assessments

Egan Reid offers a professional, compliant DSE and workstation assessment service which not only allows employers to meet their legal duties under Health and Safety Regulations, but also creates the ideal framework for an effective workplace wellbeing policy.

With a team of fully qualified assessors, we are able to provide a high quality solution suited to your organisation’s requirements:

Individual DSE/workstation assessment
This is an in-depth 10-point assessment of an individual’s workstation aimed at identifying issues and potential risks as well as advising the user on workstation ergonomics and good posture. The assessment will typically take 15-20 minutes. The assessor will complete a detailed form with their findings and recommendations which will then be given to the employer for corrective action and for future reference. This type of assessment is more specifically suited where the employee has expressed some discomfort at their workstation.

Basic ergonomic workstation consultations
Our assessors are also able to offer a more informal consultation where they will discuss any DSE or workstation concerns with users and perform an overall assessment of individuals’ workstations. This is a good way to ensure that employees are aware of ergonomic best practice and will also highlight any risks of injury before they arise. The employer will receive a summary for each individual or workstation.

To find out more about our DSE and workstation assessments, please call us on 0161 406 6000 or get in touch via the enquiry form. We have individual, hourly, half-day and full day rates available depending on your circumstances.

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