Secure Shredding

Shredding is the only way to safely destroy confidential information and comply with data protection regulation.

At Egan Reid, we offer a flexible secure shredding service as well as guaranteed peace of mind – in partnership with one of the most highly rated shredding companies in the UK. Our all-inclusive alternative to in-house shredding allows you to choose from a range of services, either ad hoc or as a regular, scheduled service.

On-site shredding
A mobile shredding truck comes to your premises and your confidential documents are shredded straight away. You receive a certificate of destruction and the shredded paper is taken away for recycling.

Off-site shredding
Your documents are taken to a local industrial shredding facility, shredded within 24 hours and the paper is baled and sent to UK or European mills for recycling. A certificate of destruction can be supplied.

High security shredding
We offer this service for highly classified or sensitive information, either on-site or off-site. Documents are shredded into much smaller particles to suit your specific security level requirements.

Non-paper shredding
With vast amounts of confidential information now stored on hard drives and memory devices, we also provide a media destruction service to ensure that data cannot be accessed by fraudulent means. We can also shred clothing and any items bearing your organisation’s branding that you would not want to be reused or copied.