Office Moves

At Egan Reid, we understand that relocating your office can be a challenging and stressful time. Our office move service is based on a methodical approach to ensure that everything goes to plan.

It all starts by meeting with you to understand exactly what your requirements are. We will then carry out a site survey, furniture and people audits, so we can carefully plan the move for you, taking into account any practical, time and organisational constraints. Can existing furniture be moved fully assembled? Is a staggered move possible? An office move doesn’t always involve relocating to different premises, it may be moving staff to another area of a building while their existing office is being refurbished …

The move
Our main priority during the move is to ensure minimum disruption to your business and staff’s day-to-day activity.Your project manager will oversee every stage of your move. Our team has gained valuable experience over the years in handling relocation projects of various sizes and up to 200+ workstations.

Once the move is complete, we will check that all furniture and any other office equipment, files etc have been placed and unpacked as agreed, and your new offices ready to be moved into.