How to prepare your office for a client visit

6th Feb 2013

As you know, client visits are really important for any company, and when they do visit it’s imperative that you give them the right impression.

Your office can be improved with something as small as a lick of paint, to something as big as a complete make-over but whatever your office requires in preparation for your client visit, we’re here to help. The basics of office preparation are cleanliness, tidiness and organisation. Egan Reid can help with the cleaning essentials as well as accessories like desk tidies and book cases that will keep your office looking spic and span for much longer.

The likelihood is that your meeting will be taking place in a boardroom of some sort so it’s essential that not only your office looks respectable but the boardroom too. When clients arrive they have to feel comfortable so you should make sure there are a variety of hot and cold beverages available for them and comfortable chairs for them to sit on.

No boardroom is complete without a meeting table so this is the next thing to consider. Although you might not use your boardroom that often, it really is essential for you to have a suitable meeting table in there. If you decide to substitute a table with an unused desk purely for the duration of the meeting, then the client will pick up on this and will see it as unprofessional. Here at Egan Reid we are ready to help you with all of your office needs, so pick up the phone for a no obligation quote today.