Automotive Technology Company

Phase 1

The client, a worldwide leader in automotive after-market testing technology and diagnostic software, was refurbishing its northern hub in Stockport and had a design brief firmly focused on improving staff wellbeing and collaboration. Egan Reid was chosen to remove and dispose of existing furniture, strip and replace flooring, and fit new furniture across 3 floors, with the project to be completed in 3 phases.


Phase 1, a large open floor home to teams of approximately 50 software developers and engineers, showcases a range of innovative solutions that deliver the client’s expectations, with a design centred around sit‐stand desks and acoustic panels, combining the benefits of an open plan layout with a mix of more private and collaborative spaces within. The electric sit-stand desks allow the users to alternate between seating and standing positions at the touch of a button, encouraging greater mobility and higher levels of activity during the working day. The striking acoustic foam fabric walls address the issue of visual and acoustic privacy which is often problematic in open spaces; they’re also ultra flexible and easy to reconfigure as the teams’ needs evolve. The design also includes a completely bespoke cross‐shaped central collaboration unit divided into 4 spaces, each incorporating a drywipe board and display screen fittings.



Phase 2

Having previously completed Phase 1, Egan Reid was brought in again to complete Phase 2. Over the course of 3 weeks, Egan Reid coordinated and executed a comprehensive refurbishment and renovation of the building’s first floor, left hand side.

The first floor has been designed with productivity and innovation in mind: the brand colours provide welcome brightness throughout, whilst old photographs of Stockport’s automotive heritage adorn the walls, lending personality and unity to the space.

In terms of layout, the office has been opened up by removing unnecessary partitioning that could hinder communication. Instead, we opted for a sit stand linear bench desk system allowing teams to collaborate freely and giving employees the option of flexible working if desired. To achieve this, we began by removing and recycling the existing office furniture including desks, chairs, partitions and storage. The carpet was uplifted and disposed of before brand-new data cabling was installed underneath.

Soft acoustic partitions and discreet storage are used to divide the space into designated working areas, giving teams and departments privacy where required as well as softening the ambient noise of the office and keeping the space free of clutter. A community bulletin board and cloakroom space brings a human touch to the space as well as providing useful space for coats, bags and personal effects.

A further collaboration space featuring a soft, high-backed seating booth is positioned in the centre of the office floors, giving teams vital space for coming together over projects and tasks. Meeting rooms and collaborative spaces are partitioned with full height glass and walnut doors, providing necessary discretion and privacy for the HR and admin teams as well as adding to the feeling of open space and transparency.