Boutinot Wines Cheadle

Egan Reid were recently given the chance to work with the Cheadle-based wine merchants Boutinot. As one of the leading British distributors of wines from around the world, Boutinot sells more than 44 million bottles each year and works with over 150 producers to deliver quality wines across the UK, and internationally.

Boutinot approached Egan Reid to renovate their second-floor office in order to reflect their people-first ethos and brand story. In response, we created a mixture of storage rooms, meeting rooms and colourful, design-led communal spaces. By installing partitions and design-led elements, we were able to modernise the space and better serve the company’s needs.

Our design incorporated features that would allow more natural light to flow through the area, which was a major selling point for Boutinot. This would not only give the space a more natural and brighter atmosphere but will also help to limit the carbon footprint of the building by increasing energy savings. Other steps included changing and refitting the existing lighting with additional occupancy sensors, meaning that lights would only be on when necessary.