Cobra Bio

Egan Reid recently had the opportunity of working alongside Cobra Bio, a leading international contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) with two GMP approved facilities in both Sweden and the UK.

Cobra have recently expanded, moving from the two floors they occupied in the Stephenson building to IC5, where they now occupy an additional 3 floors. A big expansion also meant a big new opportunity: to bring the look and feel of the new space up to date and ready for the next phase of Cobra Bio.

This is where Egan Reid stepped in. The goal was to modernise the space and ensure it was in-keeping with Cobra’s brand identity, an important asset of their company that reflects the vital work that they do.

Egan Reid were responsible for sourcing furniture packages for all 3 floors in the new IC5 building, as well as a floor in the Stephenson building. This also included developing breakout spaces and acoustic pods intended for interviews and other HR purposes. As with any project, the primary aim was to enhance functionality while considering the look and feel and how the space should convey the principles of the company.

Another key aspect to this project was the way in which Egan Reid were required to work in phases dependent on when each space was ready. The furniture was all carefully selected, and the client was involved in making the final decisions. We realised that Cobra’s brand identity is integral to their business, so we wanted to infuse it into the space. After all, branding is a lot more than just a logo, so why not reflect it in the furniture? To do this we worked closely with Cobra’s brand guidelines and were able to present them with the options of different fabrics, styles of furniture, and colours so that they could come to an informed decision that’s guaranteed a show-stopping execution by Egan Reid.

The overall project has been a huge success. Cobra’s new and improved space features modern furniture bespoke to their brand, innovative solutions (such as the inclusion of an ERA Nautilus pod and several QuietSpace Offices), and functional spaces to meet evolving needs, such as the acoustic pods. The result is a stunning, futureproof, and flagship professional environment that is ready to serve as such for years to come. Thanks to creativity, flexibility, and hard work Egan Reid have helped another company look their best and develop into something much bigger.