Compulease specialise in providing high quality leasing and finance solutions to all areas of business and education. Based in Wilmslow, they approached Egan Reid to modernise and bring colour into their existing office space through a combination of interior design, layout and furniture choice. They believe that a unique service requires a unique space, and our interiors team were more than happy to take on this challenge.

Compulease commissioned us to provide a new look for their office that would incorporate their values as a customer-focused, unique and digital business, as well as integrating bright colours and sleek design. We created a bright breakout area using colours like orange and green that would allow staff to relax in a vibrant and comfortable area with a positive atmosphere.

Breakout areas and meeting pods provide staff with flexible and varied spaces in which to work. The addition of connectivity within soft seating allows staff to break from the traditional desk setting to focus on independent tasks or teamwork in a cosy and productive environment.

To mirror their mentality of a unique, yet characterised service, we supplied their boardroom with a fresh and distinctive facelift with the use of T45 Quadrifoglio furniture, and added an orange trim to the carpeting to unite all areas of the office.