Egan Reid had the opportunity to consult and work with FinTech company Conferma Pay as they sought to expand into an additional building. In their current space, the globally growing firm were reaching bursting point and needed the expertise Egan Reid to help them renovate and refurbish a new client facing space for demonstrating their software to their global partners.

The brief which Egan Reid received was to help Conferma remain connected to the existing building and to ensure that they could continue to be proud of the culture and location they work at. The imperative features they wanted to communicate was to be able to showcase their technology and impress their clients. The new building was intended to be a client-facing office where Conferma could both work efficiently to outreach to their clients and prospects, as well as grow their business moving forward without the worry of space and accessibility.

Specifically, many new areas and features were implemented into Conferma’s fresh design plan to integrate a collaborative, yet professional, atmosphere. A large meeting room known as the ‘Demo Suite’ was emulated in the new space including accessible connectivity using OE Peak modules where they are able to demo all the software they offer as part of their service. To allow for the culture of Conferma to pass onto this integral area, the seating was themed with Conferma’s branding colours to create a maintained feeling of pride and identity. Lockers were supplied for the colleagues to securely keep their belongings as we helped create their clear desk policy. Finally, we installed two booths in the middle of the office to assist with collaboration and create areas for more relaxed meetings between colleagues.