Constant Group

Recently Egan Reid was approached by Constant Group. This important UK parent company is the single source for sheet metal fabrication in Britain, dating back to 1970 this family-run company includes flagship brands such as Constant Engineering and Constant Manufacturing.

While recent case studies have focused around large-scale design and fit outs, Constant Group simply wanted a fresh look to their office – something that we knew we could provide to a high standard.

Taking into consideration the red and white branding the engineering and manufacturing companies share, our vision was to create a sleek and contrasting modern office space, using both colours to brighten up what was originally a quite plain space.

When working with a large blank space it’s important to take into consideration the main needs of the business before delving into aesthetics. With regulations such as GDPR, it was important to make sure the space had enough storage to maintain the desired de-cluttered sleek look. We did this by incorporating separate key locking cabinets in the centre of the room, perfect for accessibility and for creating more space for each individual work station.

Red trim was added to cabinets and desktops to incorporate the company colours throughout the space, plus a pop of colour with the acrylic screens means that each employee has privacy while not falling back onto the old tired grey fabric partitions. Each employee was also fitted with white ergonomic monitor arms, putting them in control of their workspace. The outcome of all these interior changes has led to a new workspace which combines a modern design with improved collaborative functionality, all while mirroring Constant’s brand and ethos.