EFB Manchester

Egan Reid design service recently took part in a redesign and fit out of EFB Manchester. Located on Manchester’s historic Quay Street, this former industrial building had been left vacant for quite some time. While our team wanted to create a modern and productive space, it was important to not lose the original industrial feel of the location that’s so important to the city’s heritage.

An industrial style environment was created through exposed brick and ductwork, with AC units fully on show. Through mixing bespoke units and raw steel on the desk framework we were able to thrust this once multistory mill into an innovative and imaginative modern working space.

Egan Reid were trusted to adapt the entire design aesthetic and source all products bespoke and made to order. In order to adhere to the modern industrial design, juxtaposing different types of wood and metal created a mixture between the old and new.  

A key to modern industrial design is to focus on the presence of features that are typically concealed. Making AC ducts and vintage tiling the focus of the room help to create a space that mirrors the brand’s quirky work style. The buildings natural intrigue spoke for itself, Egan Reid made it functional, productive and work ready.