Hyde Canteen Conversion

Egan Reid were asked to create a new workspace for our client, Hyde Details, part of the Hyde Group, a leading British engineering service provider specialising in design and manufacturing solutions. They approached Egan Reid to help create a spacious, flexible and functional workspace for employees, as well as to provide areas for staff to relax and unwind on their breaks, away from the day-to-day working area.

We began by installing a new canteen area and designing a new office to make use of the mezzanine area in the existing factory space. Due to the location of the project, we first had to knock a hole in an existing block work wall so we could install a new additional fire exit. As well as this, we had to remove a steel girder that went across a wall space so we could make space for a fire exit. Fortunately, we are prepared for any eventualities on the job, and will work with our client to solve and overcome these hurdles.

We clad the existing walls and built a new wall so we could create the new canteen space, and additional office space. Within this new space we fitted a new kitchen, gridded ceiling with fresh air extraction for ventilation, along with an anti-slip floor for additional health and safety.

To finish the canteen conversion, we supplied and set up tables, chairs and staff lockers all in a cool blue theme, to promote the relaxed atmosphere this area was meant to demonstrate. Furthermore, we added new furniture to the additional office section, to create a vibrant fully furnished conversion ready for use.