Magnesium Luxfer

Egan Reid partnered up with The Luxfer Group, a leading producer of highly engineered advanced materials based in Swinton, to redevelop an existing building into their new headquarters in the UK. The space was to cater for management across the group, so it needed to be versatile and functional but also have a wow-factor for external visitors within and outside of the group, adding a new lease of life to this once tired building. It’s a space for the team to collaborate across departments, so it needed to reflect the sense of union by being sleek, cohesive, and modern. Egan Reid, working alongside project manager Brian Clancy responded to the task by creating an innovative office space that was guaranteed to turn heads.

All furniture and features were sourced brand new from Egan Reid. The glass partitioning installed on the ground floor created modern, spacious meeting room environments for both internal and external meetings. The walnut desking and meeting room tables offer a classy but modern corporate feel to the office. This design brought the space to life as a place to work and communicate collaboratively.

The result was a stunning office space that’s ready for needs of The Luxfer Group today and for the long-term future. It’s a space that brings the company together and reinforced the strong link between its many departments, which is reflected in a positive and well-designed work environment.