Pets At Home

Egan Reid were approached by the leading pet care business in the UK; Pets at Home. The business needed an overall regeneration of their recently acquired Epsom House, a three-story building based in Handforth, left unoccupied since the recession.

Working alongside interior designer, Liesl Fireman of FireBox Design, the project was treated as the perfect opportunity for creating a productive and accessible space for 280 of Pets at Home’s support office colleagues and of course their pets!

The first point was to start designing the space; working with the client’s expectations, initial ideas were presented while also making sure the plans fit with all health and safety and fire regulations.

Once design plans were sketched and created it was time to select the correct products for each designated space. Pets at Home pride themselves on their value statement “We want to make sure that all our colleagues enjoy coming into work, and our teams are excellent at creating a fun, friendly workplace for everybody.” It was essential that workspaces were created for all colleagues; collaborative, quiet spaces and social settings were all equally important.

The design product package was assembled and with the help of several collaborative meetings between Pets at Home, Liesl Fireman and Egan Reid, work began focusing on each individual area throughout the interior and exterior of the building.

We want to make sure that all our colleagues enjoy coming into work, and our teams are excellent at creating a fun, friendly workplace for everybody.

Pets at Home

The Kitchen

As part of the larger project at Pets at Home, Egan Reid worked closely with designer Liesl Fireman from FireBox Design, and Pets at Home’s own designer Sarah Perry to develop a unique, modern, and bespoke canteen space.

The brand-new kitchen facility was designed and built to be a functional and adaptable space from the very beginning. It needed to be able to deliver on all fronts: from beverages and snacks, to hot meals, and everything in between. Designing any area is always a balancing act between style and substance, but functionality should always come first.

Liesl Fireman decided to leave the ductwork exposed to complement the design style of the furniture chosen to furnish the area. An industrial look was designed for the space, using raw steel and rust effect materials softened with natural wood and leather soft seating. This is complemented by feature lighting in the form of pendants by Innermost that hang from the ceiling to light tables and islands below in the kitchen. Manufacturers NaughtOne, Frovi, and Hay were amongst those chosen to create this look.

Breakout, Collaborative Areas and Quiet Seating Booths

A large part of any workplace is allocating space for various working styles. When creating collaborative spaces, it was important that this was delivered in the finished design. Various collaboration areas were created to break up large open spaces, but to also foster efficiency.

One of the main showstoppers are the Spacestor railway carriages. These cosy, embedded seating booths include integrated tables with USB and power ports along with acoustic qualities providing a quiet working space.

Pets at Home have a sociable and friendly atmosphere, whether you’re in their store or support office. For that reason, Orangebox Orly and Moss deck chair seating creates a relaxed feel, perfect for informal discussions.

Finally, kitchenette areas were included on the 1st and 2nd floor designs. Breakout tables and beverage facilities allow for easy socialising and laid back collaboration spaces.

Bench Desking

Bench desking was installed in all open plan spaces throughout the building, resulting in a clean stylish environment for colleagues to work. The hoop legs and tops were accompanied by a matte ‘Dust Grey’ Kronoswiss board to differentiate this scheme and design from other offices.

This desking has been fitted with sliding tops to allow for tidy cable management and quick, easy access for users and more importantly the Pets at Home Business Systems team.

We installed sit-stand desks to encourage regular breaks, varied movement promoting better posture and flexibility during work hours.

Desktop screens demarcated individual workstations whilst incorporating an element of acoustic benefit to each bank of desks. Camira fabric was chosen to upholster these screens, using mainly grey but also 3 colours to give a ‘pop’ of colour where required.

Meeting Rooms

To celebrate the history and values of Pets at Home and the business that it’s grown to be since opening its doors in 1991, a showpiece boardroom was designed and dedicated to Anthony Preston, Pets at Home Founder. A picture was painted of the journey that Pets at Home had taken over the last 28 years to ensure it wasn’t just a meeting room, but an experience. A wall mural dedicated to Anthony Preston fulfils this. The room boasts a 5.4 metre oak veneered table by Orangebox seating 18 people in matching oak veneered armchairs by Nomique.

The remaining 16 meeting rooms have been named after different elements of the business and murals have been designed to illustrate each meaning. All Orangebox Lano meeting room tables are hard-wearing and durable thanks to the use of Laminate Fenix, an innovative material. While inviting and durable all rooms are also functional thanks to the inclusion of AV equipment and comfortable modern seating by Frovi and Orangebox. Rooms with video conferencing benefit from the installation of wall-mounted acoustic panels by BuzziSpace.