Pets at Home Rotherham House

Egan Reid worked with Pets at Home to renovate their Rotherham House building; the mission was simple, to create a collaborative and contemporary atmosphere through various interior alterations. We were briefed to help redesign multiple spaces: meeting rooms, kitchens and open plan desking areas. Modern and stylish booths were installed, along with a new collaborative, touch down meeting space to create a more informal and spontaneous meeting environment.

Ambus Eclipse tables by Sven Christiansen were installed in the meeting rooms as they exemplify the modern feel that we were looking to embrace for our client. The 3D perfect sense finish leaves a contemporary matte finish, which will be durable for years to come.

Kitchen spaces emulated the same modern visage elsewhere, whilst implementing darker tones through the rustic furniture we used from the Relic range by Frovi. These darker furnishings allowed for a domestic and residential atmosphere, which will help the staff feel more at home whilst at work, boosting productivity. Of course, with darkness comes light, and to demonstrate this duality that we wanted to show in the renovations, we used black Circus pendants by Innermost.

Finally, retouching the desking area allowed us to create an open plan design that would promote a more communicative working space for the colleagues. The bench desking boasted a stylish Zebrano finish, providing a practical and trendy solution.