South Craven School

Egan Reid collaborated with South Craven School to enhance the learning environment and bring style, functionality, and innovation to the classroom. South Craven is one of the largest schools in the West Yorkshire region, situated in Cross Hills North Yorkshire between Skipton & Keighley. At South Craven, core is learning and understanding the true value of education; a child’s education is the most important thing in their life. In recognising South Craven’s commitment to learning and development, Egan Reid understood the importance of having a classroom to match in order to facilitate an even higher standard of teaching.

Before approaching this project, and after contemplating the motivation behind it, we considered how the new and improved classroom would need to function. We concluded that the new design needed to be flexible at its core, with the capacity to accommodate different classes, subjects, and meet varying needs. We needed to craft a bespoke environment that was adaptable and malleable, able to respond to any demand and change accordingly while being easy to move around and modify. We aspired to develop an innovative, creative, and functional space. Like South Craven itself, the refit had innovation at the core, and this was the driving factor behind the whole project, from start to finish.

The project concerned a new block comprised of 4 brand new classrooms. Egan Reid were responsible for sourcing all the furniture for these spaces, such as tables and chairs. Each item was picked out with the overall goal in mind. The feature piece was the teacher wall, with one situated at the front of each classroom. Each teacher wall was bespoke, designed to cater for South Craven’s specific requirements; they include flexible storage compartments, whiteboards, and space for TV screens. It was important that they were bespoke in order to meet the unique needs of a forward-thinking school and this was the best decision in helping to enrich the learning experience of the next generation. With South Craven School Egan Reid designed the perfect classroom: contemporary, functional, and flexible.