Walkers Transport

Egan Reid was approached by transport logistics company Walkers Transport to renovate their Leeds-based headquarters. Walkers Transport coordinates the daily management and delivery of palletised goods, as well as bespoke transport and storage solutions to businesses across the country.

The goal of the project was to inspire a fresh look which would better represent the company and reflect its values, as well as give an impactful first impression to clients and visitors. To achieve this, we proposed a vibrant colour scheme throughout, wall graphics and the introduction of versatile office furniture and contemporary seating. The resulting direction was a good balance of professional and approachable, with enough flexibility to accommodate the rapidly growing team.

We began by reforming the reception area. Previously, visitors would enter to see a meeting table and stairs leading up to the main office space. It didn’t create a welcoming environment and wasn’t a space that our client could call their own. Painting throughout, as well as adding a breakout pod to replace the old furniture, quickly created a space that was far more inviting to visitors and staff alike and acted as part of the workspace rather than separate to it.

We approached the office floor more practically. With 70+ staff on site, it was important to the client that we were able to adjust the space to allow for a variety of working styles, including quiet spaces and communal areas. These spaces would allow for productive work at any level: whether it be a formal meeting with a client, or just a quick chat between two colleagues.

We added feature walls and new flooring as an initial but impactful way to create a wholly new area within the existing workspace. To create a brighter, more welcoming space to work in, we updated the lighting and ceilings throughout the reception and upstairs office areas. Existing glass-walled offices were reconfigured, and wall graphics applied to boost brand presence and create a level of familiarity and warmth. Finishing touches included the installation of new furniture like seating booths for smaller meetings or casual get togethers; the existing air conditioning and heating units were also reconfigured to support the new layout and create an energy efficient workplace.