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Increase Office Productivity This Summer

When the summer months arrive and the weather finally includes a bit of sun every now and then, you might find that your office becomes very distracted or that productivity levels hit an all-time low. This could be because of

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Standing Desk

Standing desks are fast becoming one of the most popular options for offices as many are now realising how unhealthy it can be to sit down in an office all day. These standing desks can offer better posture positions, the

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Office re-fit

The New Year is in full swing, spring is on its way and it might just be the perfect time to start thinking about an office fit-out. It is time to get rid of that old, worn down and disused

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the right office chairs

When considering buying new office furniture, investing in a new office fit-out or moving to a different location you need to make sure that you do not forget the most important part of your office, the chairs. You want your

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finding the right office furniture

Your office is much a part of your organisation as any employee. It is where all the work takes place, the much needed discussions happen and the business really comes together. So if you don’t have the right furniture, the

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office kitchen fit out

You might not have considered that an office fit-out is exactly what you and your office need to make 2017, and beyond, a great year. After the turbulent year that was 2016, it is time for a new start and

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  The Egan Reid Office Environments team is extremely proud and excited to announce the release of the very first Egan Reid Furniture Guide, a 140 page selection of furniture products from our partner manufacturers. The Guide features new and

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Office Cupboards

At this time of year, organising your office is one of the most important things you can do – this will help to ensure that when you come back after the festive break, you will have minimal disruption as you

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Tidy Desk and Office

Nobody likes to have to come back to the office after the Christmas break, knowing full well they have to replenish the stock in the office or even clean, so it is always best to do it before you go

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We find Egan Reid extremely efficient and reliable. The team are very friendly and helpful.
Local authority, corporate procurement
Egan Reid know our needs and are always willing to ‘go the extra mile’ when circumstances dictate.
Retirement financial services provider, head office and 100+ home workers
Egan Reid are extremely flexible and provide consistent quality of product and service.
Call centre service provider European headquarters
Egan Reid have successfully managed our contract to a high standard of professional competence whilst at the same time ensuring best value across a range of commercial criteria.
Jewellery retailer, head office and 125 branches nationwide
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